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Free Download UC Browser for IPA iPad for iPhone

UC Browser will show any movies and TV shows! The menu contains sections with videos for every taste: comedy, clips, girls, anime, trailers and even war films. The UC Browser has collected a large number of functions, because they will be used very interesting and simple. Even a normal child will be able to handle any task in the browser. It is easy to understand where and what it is. That is why he can be a great help in finding information.

Free Download UC Browser for IPA iPad for iPhone

UC Browser is another web browser for your iPhone, designed for the Chinese market.According to other iOS browsers, UC Browser is very popular. It’s better than Safari, supports tabbed browsing, and has clean menus. However, UC Browser is Chinese, no language options available. There is an English translation available here. Google

Free Download UC Browser for IPA iPad for iPhone

App Store Description

UC Browser, you can sync open tabs, add new bookmarks and exchange passwords stored on individual sites and shared accounts. Browser history is a personal matter. With incognito mode, search and travel history will not be stored in device memory, not to mention downloads and saved files, which can be tracked with the browser visit history.browser-and-documents-manager-ipa

UC Browser for IPA File For Iphone 

A major problem with UC Browser is that the pages are developed by developer servers, in the same way as Opera Mini / Mobile. However, most pages do not offer much better compared to Safari, and many sites do not seem to see UC Browser as a mobile app, so you end up with the hidden version of the desktop website you are looking for.opera-mini-ipa-file-for-iphone

UC Browser for IPA File Best Features:

  1. View over 100 file types, Word, Excel, PDF, and more.
  2. Access files and folders while your device is offline.
  3. View and Create advanced PowerPoint presentations.
  4. High quality encryption and security.
  5. Finish searching for words while viewing the document.
  6. Leave a comment for others by adding comments to the document.
  7. Take work-related notes in real time using Box Notes.
  8. Upload large files with just a link; no need to add attachments.
  9. you must sign in with an Apple ID
  10. Then search for applications by name, the Search button
  11. Now you can see your mobile display Box apps
  12. Then click Install Button

Download Latest version available IPA File

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