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Download Candy Crush Saga iPhone New IPA For Iphone and Ipad

Download Candy Crush Saga for iPhone for free and make the most of your free time by matching candies. Candy Crush Saga is an addictive “Match 3” puzzle game.
There is nothing more enjoyable than crushing colorful candies and listening to the live music of Candy Crush Saga. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your free time and doesn’t require much thought or concentration.

Use the colors and shapes on the screen to match the sets together. This will remove them and force the fresh pieces to fall down. You have to remove all the sweets in the pre-allocated number of moves. There are special combos that produce unique pieces that can eliminate more than the default number of candies.

Download Candy Crush Saga iPhone New IPA For Iphone and Ipad


Go through the levels and find new challenges. Some levels may have harder candies that require upgrades and special moves to break. You may find yourself playing the same level multiple times before you can progress, but there are hints and tweaks to help you along. Google

This app is integrated with Facebook so you can ask friends to help you. The game allows you to send requests to your contacts for more lives or special upgrades. It’s a great way to progress and interact with your Facebook friends. Share your progress on your timeline too. You will be the envy of your fellow Candy Crushers.

Download Candy Crush Saga iPhone New IPA For Iphone and Ipad

App Store Description

Within the Match 3 game genre, there is definitely a name that rings a bell. You’ve probably seen a lot of people playing in all kinds of places: the bus, the elevator, the subway… even your mom can play. Yes, we’re talking about the only title that surpasses FarmVille in terms of Facebook users: Candy Crush. It’s a real hit and its success is probably due to how easy it is to play on any mobile platform, whether you’ve downloaded the APK to your Android or you’re playing the iPhone or iPad version. The mobile version of the game developed by King, Candy Crush Saga is definitely one of the most addictive titles of all time. Dowload PlayStore

The game offers us hundreds of levels in which we will have to help characters like Tiffi and Toffee around the Candy Kingdom. You will travel to various locations where your goal will be to solve puzzles represented by panels full of sweets as indicated.

Candy Crush Saga iPhone IPA File Best Features:

  1. Different game modes: target score, timed levels, drop mode and order mode.
  2. Collect candies and increase your candy counter.
  3. Spin the wheel every day to win prizes.
  4. Unlock new worlds as you level up.
  5. Discover new environments and new characters.
  6. Hundreds of levels with new ones every week.
  7. General order to see the scores of your friends and competitors.
  8. Synchronize your game with different devices connected to the Internet.

Download Latest version available IPA File

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