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Download Viber – Free Phone Calls & Text 3.0 Latest Version (for iPhone And Ipad)

Viber allows you to call your loved ones without a penny. You only need an internet connection for this. You can send your pictures to your friends and family members. In addition, you can write or send voice messages privately like on WhatsApp.It was probably one of the most popular communication devices among smartphone users before the rise of Whatsapp messenger. Viber was unable to offer user-friendly features which led to its downfall. A recent update added end-to-end encryption, but that also came almost months after months behind Whatsapp, which speaks for itself.There is a sticker store in this app where you can find the latest stickers according to your mood and current chat situation. When you install this app on your Android device,

Download Viber - Free Phone Calls & Text 3.0 Latest Versio (for iPhone And Ipad)

this app will ask you to give it access to your contact list. Through this, this application selects contacts with ipa their devices so that it is pleasant to look at them when we use them. Whether you’re on a desktop computer or your mobile device, Viber’s interface instantly looks friendly and clean. Navigation is easy and there are helpful hints and tips from the app itself if you’re not sure how to get started.
Viber uses end-to-end encryption for all messages and phone calls.Google

Download Viber - Free Phone Calls & Text 3.0 Latest Versio (for iPhone And Ipad)

App Store Description

free calls and video calls to your phone or tablet, send free messages, photos and videos without spending money via SMS. Stickers and emoji will decorate your message and make it look good! You can call, make video calls or send a Messager for free on any iOS device! Stay in touch with your friends and family! The app syncs with your mobile or tablet contacts, automatically finding out what friends you already have on Viber. Select a contact from your list or simply enter a phone number to add a new contact.

Viber – Free Phone Calls & Text Best Features

  1. Download viber for iphone
  2. Viber IPA Iphone
  3. Long distance with free international calls and video calls without setting up an account.
  4. Call for free with HD audio.
  5. Quickly record and upload videos for 30 seconds to share your best moments.
  6. All messages, calls and video calls are securely encrypted.
  7. Verified contacts – verify personal contacts to verify someone’s.
  8. At Sticker Store, you can download stickers to make your communication more enjoyable!
  9. You can delete messages that you have sent, even if someone else has already received them.
  10. Hide conversations if you do not want them to appear in the standard list.

New Features

  • High quality video and audio calls
  • All calls and messages are securely encrypted
  • Create groups
  • Sync mobile and desktop apps
  • Divert calls from mobile to computer
  • Send emoticons, GIFs and files

Download Latest version available IPA

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Download Viber Phone Calls & Text


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