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Microsoft Outlook IPA For iOS – New Version Announced

Free Download Microsoft Outlook IPA for iOS New Version

The new Microsoft Outlook IPA for iOS is available for download at the Apple App Store and has several exciting features. Some of the key features include multitasking, a focused inbox, a drag-and-drop file syncing option, and widgets. Google

Free Download Microsoft Outlook IPA for iOS New Version


Microsoft has announced a new version of its Outlook iOS app. This version of the app includes support for iPadOS multitasking features.

The update is free to download and is available on the App Store. To take full advantage of this new feature, you’ll need to have the latest version of the Outlook for iOS app.

Multitasking is a great way to quickly switch between apps. You can do this by using the app shelf, which provides access to all open windows in an app.

You can also use the Outlook for iOS app to read emails while browsing the web or replying to messages. In addition to this, you can view your calendar side-by-side. Whether you’re looking at your email or your calendar, you’ll be able to view all your unread messages and schedule your day.


Microsoft has released new versions of the Outlook IPA for iOS. They have added a number of features to the app. These features include drag and drop support between OneDrive and apps.

Apple also added widgets in iOS 14. Widgets are a quick way to see tasks and lists without opening the app. However, they are not interactive.

There are three sizes of widgets. You can change the size of the widget to fit your needs. For instance, if you frequently use To Do, you can create a widget to see all the tasks you have.

The calendar widget will show your upcoming meetings and activities. You can also choose which events you want displayed. The widget can be accessed from the notification center.

Microsoft has also added a number of features to Outlook for Android. These include three quick action buttons.

Focused Inbox

Microsoft Outlook IPA for iOS has a Focused Inbox feature. It does more than display emails in a single tab. Rather than just showing you your unread messages, it also allows you to filter them out. This will allow you to focus on the most important ones.

The Focused Inbox is a new feature that enables you to create your own customized inbox. You can also configure Focused Inbox notifications to only send for certain email accounts. By default, all of your mail will get a notification. But, you can have a separate inbox for personal and professional emails.

The focused inbox isn’t the only new feature in this version. There are also several improvements to Outlook’s complication features. For example, it will now show you the most recent photos from your OneDrive.

Drag-and-drop files from Safari, OneDrive, Files and Photos to Outlook app

The OneDrive app recently updated to version 10.1, adding support for drag-and-drop on iPad. This feature allows users to easily transfer images from one app to another. To access this feature, follow these steps.

Firstly, you will need to open the Photos app. Select Library from the left sidebar. Alternatively, you can drag a photo from the Files application.

After clicking the image, you will see a floating green plus sign at the top corner. Using your finger, you will drag the image to another location within the app. You can also choose whether or not to export the edited file.

If you want to upload the picture, you can select Add to New Folder. Or, if you want to move it from one folder to another, simply copy the link.

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