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Download Apps Plan Home Renovations: Magicplan IPA For iOS

Magicplan IPA is the #1 residential contractor app for the area. Instantly create and share floor plans, field reports, and on-site estimates with one easy-to-use app. Increase productivity on the go and get an easy way to connect to the office. It’s lightning fast, powerful, lightweight and affordable.
magicplan creates mobile and cloud software for capturing interior spaces. Mobile-first’s software solutions help in planning, estimating and scheduling renovation, restoration and remodeling works. Every week, over 50,000 new projects are managed worldwide using magicplan. magicplan was founded in 2010 in Montreal, Canada. Since its initial release, the app has been downloaded more than 20 million times, Google

Download Apps Plan Home Renovations: Magicplan IPA For iOSWhether you want to renovate or simply furnish a room in your home, Magicplan helps you plan the entire process before you even begin.Create your own floor plan in just minutes and edit it with photos, objects, notes, product prices, tasks and taxes to generate a complete project

Download Apps Plan Home Renovations: Magicplan IPA For iOS

App Store Description

The app is free to use to create your own floor plans, but it costs $4 to download them as PDF, JPG, PNG, DXF, SVG, and CSV files.
Magicplan is a home project planning app that teaches everything you need to know about creating original plans. With Magicplan, you can create an interactive virtual floor plan using your phone’s camera. Even more conveniently, you can sketch your renovation ideas directly in the app,

IPA Streamlining the process of renovation Projects:

Customers had to obtain quotes from various specialist tradesmen. Let’s take a bathroom renovation: to install a sink, the installer had to make a cost estimate. A tiler had to do it for the tiles. And an electrician had to be called to install all the sockets and wiring. It took a long time for B&O to put all the cost estimates together. This slowed down the renovation process and was highly inefficient. But of course, customers also had to wait for their renovated houses.

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Download Magicplan IPA For iOS


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