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SuperLivePro app IPA for iPhone

SuperLivePro app IPA for iPhone and iPad Latest Version Download is a specially developed monitoring software for iPhone.Customers can watch streaming video in real-time, control operations on iPhoneIP cameras are one of the most viable solutions offered to security-conscious small businesses and homeowners. You can access them from any computer with an internet connection. SuperLivePro allows you to monitor some cameras from your Android smartphone or tablet. However, you may not be able to use all camera features with this app. Google

SuperLivePro app IPA for iPhone and iPad Latest Version Download

SuperLivePro offers a sleek interface, but it doesn’t come with any support or documentation to tell you which camera models it works with. This means you’ll have to download it and hope it works with your cameras. It offers support for up to 16 cameras, which you can swipe or tap to cycle through, which is nice. However, you may not be able to use the zoom and pan functions if your camera has them. I’m not sure if the company has gone out of business and no longer supports the app, but it’s garbage.

SuperLivePro app IPA for iPhone and iPad Latest Version Download

App Store Description

I also can’t log in on desktop. It’s so frustrating. The software does not store the local IP address correctly. 192 becomes 102 after save and there is no workaround. Therefore, it does not allow connection to their cameras. Deleted and used SuperLivePlus instead. Having a mid-sized camera will help you keep track of things while you’re on the go. If you have a large network or need to access all camera functions from your gadget, try this free app before buying a more powerful paid app. You may not be satisfied with the lack of features,

How to set up SuperLivePro IPA on iPhone and iPad

SuperLivePro IPA  easily view your security cameras on the phone using and SuperLive Plus are apps that can be used to view your cameras on your phone. Not only live view, but you can play, backup clips, receive alerts, notifications, adjust settings, etc.These two applications are generally used by generic H.264 digital video recorders and H.265 NVRs, which are usually not sold under any brand names (just “Digital Video Recorder” or “Network Video Recorder” written on the box. Sometimes the sellers/retailers label with their own brands,

SuperLivePro IPA and SuperLive Plus Best Features

  1. Supports maximum 8 channel display on ipa iPhone.
  2. Audio options on all channels depending on your DVR or NVR specifications.
  3. Supports finger gestures to control PTZ cameras.
  4. Supports snapshot function and device list display.
  5. It supports live video and recorded video playback.
  6. Create and save a list of your favorite cameras for quick access.
  7. Additional fingerprint settings.
  8. Support automatic reconnection function.
  9. List of support facilities. No limit on the number.
  10. Support preview different channels from different devices at the same time.
  11. Support your favorite channel and favorite group.
  12. Support for rapid study.

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